Family Safaris- What you need to know about travelling in Africa

Spotting meerkats with Warren Pearson by Ian Seow

A family safari can be one of the most memorable vacations you enjoy together. There’s not much that beats the wide eye’d expressions of your children as they experience the wonders of the African bush for the first time. Especially watching a herd of elephant interacting or giraffe stretching down … Continue reading

Why is Madagascar so Magical?

Ambataloaka beach Madagascar by CMLeong

Madagascar is without a doubt my favourite African destination. When asked why I just smile. I love nothing more that talking about why Madagascar is so magical! Madagascar is not a destination for everyone. If you expect slick modern highways, super efficient airport check-ins and Mauritius style hotels, then you … Continue reading

On a Dominant Male Lion’s Turf

Male Lion by WarrenDPearson P0055

On a recent safari, Warren had the experience of viewing a dominant male lion up close. Was it memorable? Without a doubt. Was it dramatic with lots of action? Not really. It didn’t involve an interaction with any other animals. There was no fight, no chase, no kill. It was … Continue reading

Travel Africa – Where to next?

Travel Africa Kasanka Bat Migration

When you have lived and worked in the bush for more than 12 years. You may think that there are few places or things left to see. On the contrary. Anyone who has traveled to Africa knows that once you have visited, the continent wraps itself around your heart. The … Continue reading

Leanne’s African Travel Wishlist

African Travel wishlist - Elephant

Compiling an African Travel wishlist is no easy task. There are so many places in Africa that I would still love to see and experience. Where do I begin to choose? I thought back to some of my most memorable experiences. Certainly there are one or two that I will … Continue reading

Whats on your African Safari wishlist?

African safari sunset

For most people an African safari is about seeing the Big 5: Lion, elephant, rhino, leopard and buffalo. All of these creatures are impressive, but to those that have visited Africa even just once, you will know that this beautiful and wild continent offers so much more. This week the … Continue reading

Hyena Clan Surprise

Hyena thumbnail DSC_0554

Hyenas are very interesting creatures. Listening to them call, and watching them interact can be a real game drive highlight. I was with guests that were staying for six nights at the lodge. They loved the bush and had the patience to explore, track and follow game without getting bored. … Continue reading

Londolozi Allure – Back to the Bush

Londolozi Leopard looking back by Warren D Pearson P069

Warren Pearson returns to Londolozi as a private guide and shares his thoughts on the experience.  It has been weird coming back to Londolozi after all this time. Weird – in that it’s different, yet the same. 12 years ago, after completing my early training as a wildlife guide, I … Continue reading