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Meercat by Paul LeongAfter 11 years of operating in the African tour industry, Firecloud Adventures can vouch for the value that a private guide adds to a safari. Over the years we have learnt the characteristics of a good private guide and have developed relationships with guides who have specialist expertise. This means that when planning your safari we have a range of experts to call on and match to your specific safari requirements.

Areas of expertise may include: Wildlife encounters; Bush walking; Birding; Photography; Botany interests; Hiking or mountain biking.

People often ask “Is it really worth getting a private guide?” Our answer is absolutely! But seeing as that’s what we’re selling you may not believe us. Instead what I can recommend is hearing what some of our clients have had to say.

The best way to describe the benefits of using a private guide is like this: You pay 5-10% more than the average safari, but you get 90% more of an ultimate African safari experience.

Private guides are professionals with at least 10 years hard earned bush experience.

They know animals and their behaviours, they know the bush, and they have developed key areas to specialize in. These may include:

  1. Expertise on special interests such as: Wildlife photography, birding, or botany
  2. Tracking big cats such as leopards, lion or cheetah
  3. Walking into wildlife so that you can get that magical experience of being up close to animals while still feeling completely safe
  4. Providing continuity by drawing comparisons from different animals and areas.

It’s the small things a private guide does that makes a BIG difference to your Africa experience.

  1. They provide tidbits of useful information that will make you sound so knowledgeable when talking about your safari back home.
  2. They make a special effort to track and find wildlife that is on your wishlist to see.
  3. They adapt game viewing activities to your requests so that your safari experience is rewarding yet relaxing.
  4. There is the convenience of having a host on hand to take care of check-in, passport control, special requests and queries.
  5. Plus there is the added benefit of having a knowledgeable first aid professional or paramedic constantly with you to give you peace of mind about health and safety.

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To find out more about how a private guide can make your Africa travel experience amazing contact us.

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