Ethiopia is an unusual destination. Steeped in history, colourful culture and strong traditions. It is also home to the rare Ethiopian wolf and the Gelada baboons. These shy creatures call the Ethiopian highlands their home and are just the two most well known wildlife treasures. For birding ethusiasts this destination offers a diverse and unique array of bird species, found in abundance in the lower lake regions. Exploring the country is an unforgettable experience that will fill up your senses and feed your soul.

Ethiopia gelada baboon

Explore ancient hewn churches, experience traditional cultures and the wide open expanses that make up this fascinating country. An Ethiopian coffee ceremony is something to experience as are the many religious and cultural celebrations that take place in significant historical places. Tall mountain ranges and towering highlands create a magnificent backdrop for wildlife viewing. Tailor your travels towards your interests and explore at leisure.


Ethiopia historyActivities in Ethiopia:

  1. Wildlife viewing
  2. Birding
  3. Hiking and trekking
  4. Cultural experiences

3 Top reasons to visit Ethiopia

  1. See rare Ethiopian wolves
  2. See Gelada baboons
  3. Visit tribes of the Omo region

Ethiopia is for you if: 

  1. You enjoy exploring foreign cultures and traditions
  2. You have a strong interest in ancient history
  3. You want to see rare endangered wildlife
  4. You have an interest in architectural design
  5. You are a birding enthusiast

Best time of year to travel to Ethiopia:

The dry winter months from October through to January is the best time of year to visit Ethiopia. From ealy October the wild flowers in the Meskel region come into bloom and November is one of the best months for wildife viewing. From February to May is a quieter season to travel although light rain may occur. From July to September the summer rains start making many areas inaccesible during this time.

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